Combining Business Intelligence with Semantic Web: Overview and Challenges

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Actes du 33ème Congrès sur l'INFormatique des ORganisations et Systèmes d’Information et de Décision (INFORSID 2015)
Business Intelligence (BI), especially On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), are used to analyze data inside an organization in order to provide analytical overview and strategic predictions. However, under today’s highly complex and dynamic business environment, external data (most often issued from web) need to be included in analysis so that decision-makers would be well-informed before making effective decision. For instance, a decision-maker may want a better overview of a product by populating a business report with web-published customer’ opinions. Including external web data requires knowing the exact semantic meaning in order to use the right information at the right time. Semantic Web (SW) technologies allow semantically annotating data so that we can exchange several descriptions over web data, do reasoning over these descriptions and ensure interoperability between humans and systems. A combination of BI technologies with SW will both enhance BI analysis with web data and allow analyzing SW data through BI tools. In this paper, we firstly introduce basic concepts of the BI and SW domains. Then, we present recent research results using SW to enhance OLAP analysis. At last, we identify challenges requiring future research efforts to achieve a complete incorporation of BI with SW.