CSDMAP: Cloud Semantic-based Dynamic Multimodal Adaptation Platform

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The 7th International Conference on Management of computational and collective IntElligence in Digital EcoSystems (MEDES'15)
Currently, everybody wish to access to applications from a wide variety of devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Set-top-box, etc.) in situations including various interactions and modalities (mouse, tactile screen, voice, gesture detection, etc). At home, users interact with many devices and get access to many multimedia oriented documents (hosted on local drives, on cloud storage, on line streaming, etc.) in various situations and with multiple (and sometimes at the same time) devices. This paper presents an efficient approach to context aware content delivery. We particularly focus on cloud ontology model, as a way to inference users’ preferences according to different sensitive situations. Thus, we can determine the necessary adaptations that the user has full exploitation of multimedia documents and their use with interactive services in order to help in achieving user’s preferences under multiples devices constraints with multiple interacting modalities. Our simulation study shows the efficiency and effectiveness of our approach.