Research activities

My research activities are done in the Computer Science Laboratory of the University of Pau (LIUPPA) in the T2i research team.



  • Co-Leader of the T2i Research Team of the Computer Science Lab of the University of Pau (LIUPPA).
  • Member of the University Expert committee in Computer Science (2012-2015).

List of publications:


Research skills and interests:

  • Web standards (e.g., XML, SMIL, SVG, XHTML)
  • Metadata standards (e.g., MPEG-7, MXF, DIG35, DC, EXIF)
  • Semantic Web technologies (e.g., RDF(S), OWL, SPARQL, RDFa) and the LinkedData
  • Mobile technologies (e.g., CC/PP, J2ME, Android)
  • Universal Access and Retrieval of Multimedia Documents (e.g., multimedia information systems, indexation, queries)
  • Constraint Programming (e.g., CSP, qualitative representation and reasoning, spatio-temporal relations, consistency algorithm, optimizations)
  • Models (UML)